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Cheyenne BitWare 3.30, award winning free messaging software, transforms your computer into a complete communications center.  Designed for wide range of Windows operating systems (3.x, 9X, 98SE, Me, NT, XP & 2K), BitWare integrates fax, data, voice (F/D/V) and paging capabilities within a single user-friendly interface.
  • Send and receive faxes from your computer (BitFax).
  • Clearer faxes and voice messages.
  • Fax on demand directly from any Windows application.
  • Faxes can be modified with Windows' Editors.
  • Automatically logs Incoming/Outgoing transmissions.
  • Cover page supports your logo and signature.
  • Voice mail system with unlimited number of mailboxes.
  • Conduct phone calls (BitPhone)
  • Speakerphone provided (Requires Voice/FAX Modem).
  • Differentiates between incoming voice calls or faxes.
  • Full-featured data terminal & host capabilities (BitCom).
  • Access public bulletin boards and online services.
  • Includes dBASE compatible Phone Book.

Note: This section is only meant to explain the basic functions.  For more detailed instructions of the entire communication suite, please refer to the BitWare User Guide (Acrobat Reader).

To retrieve faxes or voice messages, click the ‘Receive’ button.

When you see the BitWare Receive Manager Window, the computer is ready and standing by for faxes or voice messages.

Sending faxes with BitWare
Create or open the file to be faxed using any program (document, spreadsheet, picture, etc.), and use the print option.  From the print screen, select the 'BitWare Fax Driver' as the printing device and click the FAX button.  The 'Dial Fax' dialog box will appear for you to enter the recipient's fax number.  The fax is now ready to be sent by clicking the 'Start/Fax' button.

You may want to also think about combining BitWare with a good OCR program.

Publisher: Computer Associates

File size: 2.6MB

License: Free

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Uninstaller included

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