PPC: Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) definitely brings in much more revenue than free organic traffic alone; think of it, if a $2 click results in a $400 sale, you receive an incredible 20,000% return.

Much goes into a winning paid search campaign: from researching and testing the right keywords, to organizing them into well-structured campaigns, ad groups and landing pages optimized for conversion. An effective PPC keyword list should be:

  • Expansive – While immensely time-consuming, actively compiling keywords is the most crucial part of your campaign.
  • Relevant – Niche targeted keywords lead to higher conversion rates.


A Word about Google AdWords

AdWords is the dominant PPC platform in the world that displays ads alongside Google search results and other Google properties in order ranked by:

  • CPC Bid – Highest amount advertisers are willing to pay
  • Keyword Relevance – PPC keyword lists that line up with user search
  • Quality Score – Rating that factors click-through rates with landing page relevancy. Higher scores mean lower click cost.

PPC Best Practices

Filter Keywords
Eliminate non-converting keywords that waste your budget.

Split Ad Groups
Create tighter ad groups targeting text with landing pages.

Remove Costly PPC Keywords
Get rid of expensive, under-performing keywords.

Combine PPC with SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes hand-in-hand with successful pay-per-click campaigns.

A/B Test Landing Pages
Vary content and calls-to-action to determine what boosts conversion rates.

Track and monitor campaigns with supplemental reporting.

Let SpyFind do the research and analyzing for you.