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When web users enter keywords, search engines return relevant indexed results in order of page rank determined using proprietary algorithms.  Let SpyFind optimize your site for all widely used search engines.


SEO Best Practices

While ever changing, these time tested techniques are still in play:

Keywords and Phrases
The right keywords are crucial to SEO; there should always be a set you use connected with your business.

Unique Content
Sought-after content is one of the most effective ways to employ SEO.  Well-written Blogs, do-it-yourself articles and reviews are all great ways to do this. If you are not a writer or no one you know is knowledgeable in this area with the time to do so, let SpyFind write persuasive sales oriented copy for your niche market.

Coding and Markup
Correct use of accepted industry standards, HTML5CSS and other markup language ensures your site is weighted higher in rank than a poorly coded one. Even the smallest mistakes can cost you big.

Menus and Sitemaps
Well structured menu navigation helps your visitors find what they are looking for while ensuring 'spiders' crawl all your pages.  Comprehensive sitemaps intelligently tell search engines about the organization, metadata and type of content found on large complex sites.

The more high ranking sites that link to your site reciprocally improves your search rank.

Black Hat vs. White Hat
So called “specialists” may tell you to "stuff" or "hide" keywords throughout your site.  Not only does this actually lower your rank it may even get your site banned. Instead, use perfectly permissible “hidden” keywords within the page markup. For example, the referenced keywords on this page are seen by search engines, but unseen by visitors. The challenge is properly placing them to your meta tags and directory files.

By following these guidelines, the search engines will reward your content rich keyword friendly site with better visibility and targeted traffic.

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