Does what you offer cost more than it brings in, and by how much? Analytics can answer these important questions and maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Marketing analytics helps in all aspects of your business, including offline sales, customer satisfaction and product development.  Modern uses include managing pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media campaigns.  Keyword metrics are of particular importance because they tell you what is in your customer’s mind.  In fact, the most valuable long-term benefit of paid and 'organic' search is not just the incremental traffic to your site, it is the information gained to guide business direction:

  • Product Offerings: Reveal what features or solutions your customers want
  • Customer Surveys: Analyze customer priorities
  • Competitor Activity: Infer what tactics your competition is undertaking
  • Industry Trends: Predict changes in product demand and customer behavior
  • Customer Support: Identify customer points of difficulty and how support resources can best be used

Marketing Analytics Best Practices

  • Monitor site visits, engagement and keywords bringing you traffic, compare them with different time frames
  • Use SEO – Most searchers click on free organic results over paid ads
  • Set up paid search campaigns – Capitalize on traffic you normally would be losing out on from relying on SEO alone
  • Link conversion tracking to your shopping cart, booking and subscription pages when gauging campaign effectiveness